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bernadette woods. sharon is standing by with traffic. first we want to go live to marty. good morning marty. >> good morning everybody. let's take a look at first warning doppler weather radar. we're tracking earl as he's passing and starting to make his presence known on the del mar. we have a split forecast for the state this year. eastern shore and western shore. let's take a look at how baltimore is going to square away. we'll start out by mostly cloudy. by lunchtime we'll go from mostly to partly sunny. we're expecting widely scattered showers at best early on. 86 at lunch. 85 degrees this evening, dinner time at which should be a very pleasant start of labor day weekends. let's check in with sharon. good morning, sharon. >> so far pretty quiet commute.
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just two problems at this point. one of them is a downed pole. that one on waiverly woods. we also have a downed tree in glen arm road because of that. there's a live look outside at ocean city. it is raining out there you can see from adam's live shot there is look at the topside of the beltway. no problems. remember wjz13 is always on for traffic information for any time you always log on. back over to you guys. back to our complete coverage of hurricane earl, marty is in the first warning center first we go to bernadette woods. >> take a look at earl as it makes its way up the east coast. the center is still offshore but the affects are being felt. here is how it looks right now, the outer bands starting to make their way into southern parts of the eastern shore. that's going to spread west ward. it doesn't go that far to the
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west it encountered some really dry air. as we see these brighter colors that are just offshore starting to make their way that's when the winds are going to start to pick up. here is the satellite radar. you'll also notice the clouds making their way back toward western maryland from the storm system here. those clouds will start to break up as soon as the storm system really picks up speed and races out of here later. there are watches and warnings in effect, tropical storm warnings in effect for the beaches of maryland and delaware. we're going to see winds over 40 miles per hour. that's a tropical storm would equate to. for more on the winds, we'll send it over to marty. right now we're looking at calm winds on television hill. even where you'd expect moving south and east toward would be the brunt of the storm, if you l. we're still not seeing a lot of wind, sustained at 10, sustained at 12 with current
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wind gusts. it's just not a real dramatic morning yet. that could actually change. let's go ahead and take a look at our next graphic. between the 11:00 p.m. and the 5:00 a.m. observation of the national hurricane center, there has been no change either in status in wind speed or in movement and direction. so as bern said this storm is going to get out of here. there's a real quick clear out. once they pass and start moving north and east, see how quickly it moves out. right below what would be the eye of the storm. this is going to be a quick hit and on out of here as we start the labor day weekends. >> marty, thank you. hurricane earl is causing rip currents and high tides leading to dramatic rescue. a life guard quickly jumped into the water to rescue a little girl. she was swimming in the ocean when she got swept under by a
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strong surf caused by hurricane earl. swimmers in ocean city have been warned to stay out of the water that's where we find adam may live this morning. good morning adam have surfers and boogie boarders being staying out? >> reporter: not this morning. i spoke to a lot of surfers yesterday's conditions are idea for them. they're planning to staying out of the water. the waves are picking up. yesterday i would say we saw maximum waves of around 6 feet. this morning the waves are bigger. we oar seeing some 8 to 10 feet high. as marty is saying, nothing dramatic happening here. you can sense the changes that are happening in the air. we're getting a passing shower every 10 to 15 minutes or so. the wind gusts are starting to pick up. some of the light poles are starting to shake around a little bit. >> back down the hatches in ocean city, removing storage
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boxes from the beach hoping to minimize damage from hurricane earl. >> this is a major hurricane and we know we needed to be prepared. >> reporter: friday afternoon the beach patrol ordered all swimmers out of the water in extra precaution after last weekend when strong rip currents from passing hurricane danielle left one dead and five others in need of rescue. >> some areas we have more of a shore break which is the waves breaking on to the beach itself as the waves were building actually became more dangerous to have people knee deep in the water. >> reporter: and businesses like this hotel have cleared their furniture. they're hoping they can put the chairs back out saturday. >> i'm worried about not making money this weekend. >> reporter: this worker hopes earl doesn't eat into her earnings. >> i've been down here with 60 and 70 miles an hour but never anything bigger than that.
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>> reporter: we'll see. >> i'm going to see. >> reporter: we'll all see. we're waiting to see how this storm affects ocean city. yesterday they did close the beach to swimmers they did it -- didn't want people waiting in the water if you were knee high, you could feel the power of the water, ha's starting to pick up in intensity here this morning. we're seeing some people walk around. they're going down to the water. people are not going in the water this morning you know, they did have a couple of hotel cancellations around here and i checked in with some of the hotels. some people decided they were canceling their vacations. i saw some people packing up their stuff and leaving now this morning. i don't know if this is result from storm or not. other hotels are telling me they're booked for the rest of the weekend. once this storm gets out of here. we have to get through today and we'll see what earl does. adam may, wjz eyewitness news. it looks like it's still a little bit dark but we know
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they love to get in that water when you see those big waves. >> i know. >> it is really warm water now too. it's very very dangerous. >> adam, thank you. stay with us for the latest wjz is always on. get forecast updates and to see live doppler radar any time log on to our website. a sudden death hits a college campus, maryland native suddenly collapses while playing volleyball with some new friends. wjz is live. mike schuh has more on the sudden death of 18-year-old katie carnes. >> reporter: she just graduated a few months ago. she wents to emmitsburg to follow her dreams, no one could have predicted what happened next. a memorial is set up this morning in memory of 18-year- old catherine katie carnes who
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collapsed on wednesday. she had been there less than two weeks as a freshman. >> she loved horses and everything about them. one of her specialties was being able to ride horses that were difficult and challenging and maybe the other students didn't want to ride. >> reporter: nobody knows what went wrong. >> it's been a pretty quiet day here on campus. i know that a lot of students did come to the prayer service and to the mass they said it was really really nice and they liked having that kind of closure. >> reporter: we looked at her entrance essay today that's one of the reasons she wanted to come here because of the strong faith she was a christian and centered on christ. she even called her mother the day she died telling her she was excited about being here. one of the things we had is community that can help each other in time's of tragedy. >> studying to be a veterinarian and she also battled diabetes but no one knows if that was a contributing factor in her
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death. jes back to you. mike carnes had attended the mcdonough school in owens mill since kindergarten. there's been another explosion just west of the side of the bp blowout despite initial reports the coast guard says no oil escaped. all 13 ewe members aboard the rig were able to jump to safety after the explosion. the operator, mariner energy had shutdown all active wells before the initial fire broke out. company officials say the accident was caused by a fire. there were no drilling activities underway, this isn't a blowout by any means. there were no reported shane or spill around the facility. >> still no word on what caused that fire. back here an update on maryland boy who was impelled by a sting ray's barb. she says her son is back home after last month's incident. the 10-year-old underwent two
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surgeries for damage to his liver. he is now being treated with antibiotics. in just a few hours early voting will begin for the first time here in maryland voters will be able to avoid the lines by casting their votes for the primaries today starting at 10:00. there are a total of 46 early voting sites statewide. both republicans and democrats have endorsed the idea. >> the more people that vote, happier we're going to be. we want more people voting in every election. in this way i think it's going to happen. mayor stephanie recallly blake says she plans on casting her vote today. turning now to sports, a failed test for the ravens back up as they lose their final preseason game last night. things got started with third string quarterback get pickup led. on defense line backer intercepts the ball but he show boats on the return, dancing at
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the goal line before the touchdown drawing the' a of coach john. ravens lose 27-21. the next hot dog you get will taste a little differently. the ravens have signed a three- year contract ending their contract with escay. those dogs have been sold since 1998 and are still sold at oriole park. and the ravens first regular season game is a little over a week away. you can watch live. our special coverage kicks off monday september 13th at 6:30 live right here on wjz and now let's send it over to marty. let's take a look at first warning doppler weather radar as we go into the break. we are watching the approach of hurricane earl now at category 2 storm with winds about 105,
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112 miles per hour start to throw some wind and rain toward ocean city. generally just cloud cover here at baltimore maryland. we're going to take a break meteorologist bernadette woods is going to join -- wow, look at that show. now that the sun has come up. we can see it's kicking up pretty good offshore. when is that energy coming inland? meteorologist bernadette woods is going to have those details coming up shortly and we're going to look at your labor day,
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welcome back. we've been talking about waves all morning turning -- churning out at ocean city. first with a look at your traffic, here is sharon at traffic control. >> good morning everyone. just two problems and they don't seem to be two major ones. one -- we have a downed tree
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between glen arm road. that is blocking the road you can take mark lane to get around that. otherwise there's life look outside at ocean city another perspective. there's a look at 95 north. everything running smoothly. no issues on the west side at liberty road. remember wjz13 is always on. you can always log on. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota dealer. back over to you. back to hurricane earl taking a live look at ocean city where earl is beginning to bring some wind and rain and is still churning tup surf. marty is with us. first we go to meteorologist bernadette woods. >> getting bigger than yesterday. we saw from yesterday people were breaking their surfboards in those waves. this is why we want to show you what's going on. the latest right now, you can
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see the band actually making their way in. look at how lined up this, back here from the 95 corridor, there is a chance for few showers out of this, they really start to die out, marty has more because it's a different story than what's going to be going on down the beaches. you can notice just offshore these really bright colors that's where the heaviest of the rain is and that's where the gustiest of the winds are. when they start to come in, they pick up the wind that's when we're going to see tropical storm wind gusts. here is the latest, category 2 hurricane and winds are 104 miles per hour, moving off to north northeast at 18 miles per hour. this is already moving fast. lit continue to pick up speed as it races off to the northeast away from us. before that happens we're definitely going to feel the affects. here is the satellite radar, you can see the clouds spreading, the showers farther east and the heavier rain bands that make their way in are going to be on the eastern shore. one more thing i want to show
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you, as far as our watches and warnings grow, we have a tropical storm warning in effect for the beaches through today. winds are going to gust over 40 miles an hour with this storm making its way by our latitude. winds aren't that much of a factor yet. when you see this wind gusts right here up to 23 miles per hour, it's even higher on the beaches itself because there's nothing impeding that wind coming straight off the ocean. the wind gusts could be approaching 30 miles an hour in ocean city, but we're starting to see those increase. as far as the rest of the forecast goes, here is marty. >> certainly is interesting in the past 15 to 20 minutes the wind gusts has doubled. we're starting to see the affects of earl. right now, it's 72 degrees with calm winds and 84% humidity. humid more so than yesterday morning. barometer falling 30 inches down to 29.82.
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it's something we've been watching. let's go ahead and take a look if we can at the computer model and do note that wind shifts are getting ready to come into the air, cold front is going to help steer earl away from the area is indeed going to pass by the region over the next 24 hours, high pressure built in. we're looking for an absolutely delightful weekends. go ahead and take a look at the forecast, if we can. today we're going to a high of about 89 degrees, mostly cloudy, earlier than later more clouds than sun. tonight -- partly cloudy breezy, tomorrow, sunny, very refreshing actually given the stuffiness of the past few days with a high of 80 degrees. we continue to look labor holiday weekend. monday, 84. look what happens on tuesday and wednesday. this will be day 55 and day 56 of temperatures above 90 degrees on tuesday. we will break the record for
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days above 90 degrees set back in 1988 here in baltimore, maryland. what a wild weather year it's been. take it away jes. >> complete coverage of hurricane earl continues now with adam may. good morning again, adam. >> reporter: now you know the sun has come up, we can get a better look at what's happening. first off you may have noticed i took off the rain jacket we haven't had another passing shower here in about 30 minutes. this storm is coming so fast you don't know what it's going to do. the waves are much stronger than they were yesterday. the waves were around 6 feet or so kind of guessing right now, but some of the big waves back here definitely look to be 10 feet or soft as we go back over here to the boardwalk, right at the end of the boardwalk you can see they've got some palm trees they're really starting to move here. no if i believe wind speed right now for the ocean along here, but i would say we're
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seeing gusts of 20, 25 miles an hour maximum. back here along the boardwalk, very very quiet. a few people have been out wandering around taking a look at the situation. people coming up asking me when is this storm going to start. we've got a little bit of rain coming and going. the waves certainly picking up. we're going to be out here keeping an eye on the situation all day long. back to you. >> thank you for that report. stay with wjz for the latest. get forecast updates and see live doppler radar any time log on to as we head to break, take a look farther up the coast at block island rhode island. block island rhode island. skies are still pretty clear ,,,
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good morning hurricane earl is approaching ocean city. i'm adam may in the resort town. we're going to show you how the waves are getting bigger and the changes blowing through the air that comes up. we are watching the approach hurricane earl on first warning doppler radar. i am joined by bernadette woods. the complete details coming up short limit now let's hand it over to sharon wjz traffic control. >> good morning everyone.
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so far so good on area roadways, just a few minor problems. we'll go over them in just a few. college student from the baltimore area died suddenly during her first days at school. eyewitness news live this story coming up. we'll check back in just a little bit. stay with us. ♪
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hurricane earl is off our shores taking a live look now at ocean city where the storm is churning up the surf and people are checking out those big waves. they're hoping some areas with intense winds and rain. the rain is kind of stopped in that area for a little bit.
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we'll check in with him for just a moment. we'll be joined by bernadette winds. sharon is standing by and wjz traffic control. first we want to go live to marty who is live. marty? >> thank you very much. i want to show you first warning doppler weather radar. i feel obligated too. there's a bit of a break in the action right along the coast. they're getting ready to get really wet. the serious rain is moments away from ocean city. now having said that let's take a look at the day, we'll have a split forecast from the state from west to east. going to be partly to mostly cloudy as we move through the morning. we'll have some clearing this afternoon, should be a delightful evening. 86. 85 degrees dinner time as we start labor day 2010. i'll be joined by bernadette woods momentarily. take it away. let's check in with sharon.
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good morning, again. >> good morning everyone. nothing nearly as interesting as going on the road this morning, just two minor problems we still have those downed poles. not affecting traffic and a downed tree on hartley mill road in glen arm, that's closed. you can take mark lane instead. otherwise live look shows the impending rain there. everything running smoothly north of cape avenue there's a look at the topside of the beltway at green speed avenue moving. the traffic report is brought to you, we have fine quality cars and truck. toyota buy right the first time. you'll save more the first time. back over to you. thank you. back to our complete coverage. marty is standing by in the first morning weather center. first we'll go to bernadette woods. >> we're going back to first morning doppler radar, it's really impressive. all of those intense colors, that's where the strongest winds are and that's where the
6:31 am
heaviest rain is. it's a slow progress they're making their way west ward. you can see this line right here, look how it comes into the west it's not that far offshore. we do expect the winds to pick up and also the rain for ocean city and parts of the southern eastern shore. okay. here is the complete picture of earl as it's making its way. we have the satellite radar notice the clouds all the way back into western maryland. the center passing east right now it's starting to fall apart. notice those bands are making their way toward maryland that's what we're watching at this point. hurricane watches and tropical storm warnings are in effect. now that means -- when you talk about a warning, that means it's imminent. but that tropical storm warning means winds approaching 40 miles per hour or higher as we head through the next couple of hours we've already seen wind gusts upwards of 30 miles per hour right along ocean city. here is what we've got going on marty has more but the latest
6:32 am
winds on earl moving off to the north northeast at 18 miles per hour. this storm is going to pick up some speed as it races off after passes our latitude. 104 miles an hour category 2 hurricane. for more what's going on, here is marty. >> thank you very much, bern. first off right now baltimore we have calm winds. you have to understand, we're dealing with a split forecast. i want to show you something. we have steady winds, 10 to 12 miles an hour. 45 minutes ago we really had no gusts. let's take a look at the current gusts offshore, they've essentially doubled in the past 30, 45 minutes now to a 23 miles an hour gusts and snow packs river that energy has made it quite that far inland yet. so really we're now watching the beginning of the event
6:33 am
we'll call earl. everything up to this point if you want to look in terms of performance has been the overture. i need to show you some winds offshore right now. they are really humming along. and the good news is the energy is offshore. the bad news is we're going to be seeing the surging waves throughout the course of not only this state but tomorrow maybe not diminishing until sunday we know the problems we encountered last weekend in ocean city and frankly from virginia beach up to long island sound because of rip currents. we have to keep in mind this is the second largest weekend of the year from folks going to coastal resort, once the storm clears out it's going to clear up. this is something that has to be watched through the weekends, something that is being started right now by earl. more coming up shortly, jes back to you. hurricane earl continues to make its way up the east coast hammering some areas. check out this scene.
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powerful gusts and driving rains churned over the outer banks as thousands of people were forced to evacuate ahead of the now category 2 storm. federal state and local authorities were waiting for daylight to begin patrolling the north carolina coast to check for any damage. and now the storm is inching its way closer to the coast. that's where we have adam may joining us live this morning. good morning again, adam. >> good morning, jessica. good morning everyone at home. yes, as bernadette was talking about, the winds are starting to pick up here. that ear definitely strong -- they're definitely stronger. as of right now it's been 3, 3 and a half hours the water is just as high it was this morning. the big concern is going to be beach erosion. removing storage boxes hoping to minimize damage from hurricane earl. >> we need to know we needed to
6:35 am
be prepared. friday afternoon the beach patrol ordered all swimmers out of the water in extra precaution when strong rip currents from passing hurricane danielle left one swimmer dead and five others in need of rescue. >> some areas we have more of a shore break which are waves breaking on to the beach itself. as the waves were building, it was more dangerous to have people knee deep in the water. >> reporter: businesses like this hotel have cleared all the furniture off the outdoor decks. they're hoping they can put the -- it out saturday. i'm more worried about making money this weekend. this restaurant working hoping earl doesn't eat into her earnings. >> i've been down here with 60 and 70 miles an hour winds, but never anything bigger than that. >> reporter: we'll see. here is a live look. the waves are kicking up.
6:36 am
we've seen some max municipal waves. -- maximum waves. the big waves do come crashing in every once in a while. a quarter of a million people are expected here over the holiday weekend. there were some cancellations. but other hotels say they're booking up again for saturday and sunday. reporting live in ocean city adam may. >> thank you. stay with wjz for the latest. earl wjz is always on to track the storm get forecast up days and see live doppler radar any time. we're learning new details this morning about that hostage situation at the discovery channel headquarters in silver spring. the gunman james lee was armed with two starter pistols they're trying to figure out whether he fired them at all. authorities found four more explosives at his house. the s.w.a.t. officers fatally shot lee.
6:37 am
also happening this morning, brief and disbelief from owens mills after an 18- year-old maryland native suddenly collapses then died. wjz is live. mike schuh explains katety was playing with friends when the unimaginable happened. good morning again mike. >> reporter: good morning everyone. carnes grew up in the baltimore area and just arrived when tragedy struck. a memorial is set up this morning in memory of katy carnes who collapsed while playing wednesday. she had been there less than two weeks as a freshman. >> she loved horses and everything about them. one of her specialties was being able to ride horses that were difficult and challenging that maybe the other students didn't want to ride. >> nobody knows what went wrong. >> it's been a pretty quiet day here. i know a lot of students come
6:38 am
to the prayer service and to the mass and they all said it was really really nice. >> we looked at her entrance essay today that's one of the reasons she wanted to come here because of the strong faith she was a christian and centered on christ. she called her mother the day she died telling her she was excited about being here. one of the things we had is that community that can help each other in times of tragedy. >> here is a statement from mcdonough's website, she says she loved volleyball, horse back riding. reporting live mike schuh wjz eyewitness news jes back to you. >> her riding coach said she had diabetes still not clear if that's what contributed to her death. all concourses at miami international airport have re- opened this morning following an over night evacuation, four of the airports six terminals were evacuated after screeners
6:39 am
detected a suspicious item. the suspicious item was not identified but a bomb squad was on scene. airport road ways were also closed. pittsburgh steelers ben roethlisberger could be back on the grid iron sooner than thought. big ben was saw speaned for six games for -- suspended for six games. today he will meet with nfl commissioner. the league will review his behavior since he was accused of sexually assaulting a georgia college student in march. it's suspected it will reduce his suspension from six games to four. the red sox win the series against the orioles. with the o's down by 2. rookie josh had the chance to turn the game around. the red sox win three games of the four game series. o ass lose 6- -- o's lose 6-4.
6:40 am
the 18-year-old beat her opponent yesterday. she's the youngest player left in the winner's bracket and she's also the lowest ranked. her next match will be against maria. the ravens look to finish the preseason on a perfect note. but with a big names out of the mix, turned out to be ha little bit of -- to be a little bit of a struggle. >> reporter: good morning. it's good games like this don't count because it was a sloppy night. third stringer troy smith started at quarterback while joe watched smith fumbles on that at the offense. when the defense did something good it ended up being bad on
6:41 am
this play. so the ravens finish the preseason with a record of 3-1 they're back on the practice field today preparing for the regular season opener one week from monday. back to you. >> thank you. reminder now to sign up for wjz profootball challenge. log on to and match up against our team of 10 experts. i don't know about that. you can't even win a prize. it's only on go to the home page to sign up. let's send it over to marty and be. good morning. let's reset the story. and what we're now starting to see are the real, what you would consider to be hurricane forest winds -- forced winds
6:42 am
approaching the del mar and the real serious slug of moisture not just bands of rain moving our way. what i'd like to do is bring in bernadette woods. let's talk about this, what sits offshore of the ocean city, what's coming over the next hour toward the del mar and our watches, warnings and advice. >> you can see -- real quick behind me i want to touch on what he was saying. if we can switch that over real quick. those bright colors rs that's where the strongest winds are going -- colors that's where the strongest winds are going to be. those contain the heaviest winds that we are going to see. notice as you go off to the northwest, it's starting to die out. but in these bands right here that's where the wind is going to pick up and that's where the rain is going to pick up. we're going the see that with adam coming up a little bit later who is live in ocean city. this is what we have going on just along the beaches is where
6:43 am
we're going to see the worse there's nothing to stop the wind as it comes on shore. hurricane watches are in effect for these areas. winds will likely pick up over 40 miles per hour. gusts possibly higher than that. for a couple of hours before the storm gets out of here. it will get out of here later. we will feel the force before that happens, marty. >> thank you very much. we're taking a break. when we come right back. we're going to have sharon wjztv traffic control. how are the roads this get away day for the holiday weekend. we are live in ocean city maryland. adam may will be joining us now that the sun is upstarting to look very very impressive right along our shore. stay right there. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning everyone. i checked our speed center no delays just yet. as far as problems we haven't picked up accidents either. not affecting traffic. we do have a downed tree. hartford takes. there is a look at your drive times and speeds pretty close
6:47 am
to normal. the slowest spot is on the top. really not so bad. there is a live look. running at full speed. same goes for 95 south of 100 although we're seeing a little bit traffic. by the first time you'll save more on the -- justin marty. back to you guys. thank you. let's take a live look ocean city adam has been down there all morning. the waves certainly picking up a little bit wjz has complete coverage of this category 2 storm with marty and meteorologist bernadette woods. let's neck with ben. >> you can see the winds are really starting to kick out the we haves mar than what we saw -- more than what we saw yesterday. i want to show you this is why that is happening because of earl making its way up the coast and you can see all these bright colors not that far offshore. that's where we have the
6:48 am
heaviest of the rain. >> now the center is going to pass by offshore, that's good news for everyone that owns property where as vacationing down there, but the thing is even for those people we are going to deal with this storm system. we're seeing the somehow -- seeing the showers starting to pick up. this band is going to make its way probably in about the next 10 to 15 minutes they really start to die out and encountering that diier air. we'll show you the entire picture of what's going on with earl, making its way just east of north carolina and the outer banks, the center is really starting to fall apart. you can see the spin but it's not as well defined. you'll notice how large the system is and the cloud shield all the way back to western maryland out of this one. but those clouds are thickening up a bit today. watch as the morning is in effect. tropical storm morning, hurricane warning means these conditions are imminent today. we're expecting winds over 40 miles an hour gusting as we
6:49 am
head through the next few hours here. now as far as the total wrap up on earl it's still category 2 storm. it is going to start to pick up some speed as it races off to the northeast as it is encountering that front that's going to kick it out of here. it's a cot gore 2 -- category 2 storm. we've been pushing this one here because there's not much happening for baltimore west ward. that's not along the beaches. probably closer to 30 miles per hour that will start to pick up in the next hour or so. for more on wet going on, we'll -- weather going on, we'll send it over to marty. we had to approach it this way on this get away day for labor day hollywood weekend. calm winds here and a bit of sun rise happening. we're dealing with coastal with that. through this day, the breeze will pick up every once in a while we'll get a minor wind gust in the area.
6:50 am
, 84% humidity. the barometer has fallen. it was at 30.20. do note as you saw on bern's satellite photo, here is the satellite system, it is helping to deflect earl. high pressure builds in. what a refreshing weekend it's going to be. we'll take a look at the forecast for today. we're going to go for high temperature right around 89 degrees. breezy, less stuffy as we move through the evening. partly cloudy, breezy, 63 degrees is going to be overnight low. tomorrow sunny to partly cloudy. breezy and cooler right around 85 degrees. completely refreshing labor day holiday weekends. so tomorrow we'll call it 80. 78 on sunday. little bit breezy tomorrow behind that low, which now has a name, earl. let's face it hurricane big deep pressure of low pressure.
6:51 am
monday and sunday 84. then we come to some very interesting stats. tuesday and wednesday 91 and 90 degrees 55th and 66th day this year with temperatures over 90 on tuesday we will break the record which was set back in 1988 for days in this area in a calendar year over 90 degrees. that's first warning. that's first warning for two different parts of the state. we're nowhere near done. right now we'll throw it back to jes. we're going to take a break. when we come back we'll update your forecast and of course we'll have today's top stories also update your drives to work or school straight ahead. ,,,, ,,,,,,
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we're going to check become with meteorologist and marty. we're going to first morning doppler radar. things continue to change. these are the bands, now the worst will stay offshore. you can see some of these bands as they break up the farther west they go. they're still maintaining some form that's why the rains are going to start to pick up. this is more of solid rain. this has been a couple of sprinklers out there. these are going to come in a few different ways, when it does, the winds are going to pick up a little bit more. but for more on that, here is marty. >> let's take a look at our watch.
6:55 am
what we need to point out, let's go ahead and take a look at the scale. we have a hurricane watch in effect, i mean, all the way up to the cape, do understand one will supersede another. when you've got a cat 2 hurricane roaring up the coast with tropical storm force winds, you have to assume you're in midst of tropical storm warning. in the next few hours we'll keep that watch in effect. we'll have mostly cloudy skies to start. partly sunny skies to end with high temperature in the upper 80s. now over to sharon, wjztv traffic control good morning, sharon. >> good morning everyone. a pretty nice ride on the road. only one problem that's causing any issues that one is a downed tree. take mark lane instead. otherwise there is a look at
6:56 am
your drive times starting to see some very minor delays between 795 and 95, a 13 minute ride. there is a look at 95, traffic moving at full speed. this traffic report is brought to you. kids and parent make a splash at national aquarium wednesday september and october. music and story time at 10:00 a.m. visit -- back over to you. >> thank you. and winds are starting to pick up in ocean city now waves are 6 to 8 feet high taking a live look at the beach this morning, a daring fellow trying to go into water. 250,000 people are expected to travel to the beach for labor day weekend, warnings remain in place for people to stay out of the water. obviously he is not heeding that warning. please stay with wjz13 maryland's news station complete news weather and traffic still ahead plus the very latest on hurricane earl.
6:57 am
stay with wjz. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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